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About Lilly

I’m Lilly Zach (aka Lydia) a brand strategist and illustrator for
Churches, ministries, and businesses.

Born and raised in the capital district of New York (That would be Upstate my friends ;-)) rolling hills, beautiful fall drives and apples for days. As a child, I was convinced I had no talents. My parents tried everything from ballet to music and sports. It all bored me. Until the personal computer. 

I’ll never forget when we got our first one. Much later then most people I’m sure. I became obsessed with information, how to find it, what it looked like when I did and then how to share it. Once I figured out I could design this information myself there was no going back. I’ve been designing websites and the content that goes with it in one way or another since high school. Fast forward 15 years later, I’m married to my husband Nathan a high school English teacher, pastor, and church planter. We have five children which I homeschool alongside this freelancing business of mine. 

I’m a rare female INTJ. I’m pretty quiet and introverted until someone has an idea or a problem to solve. Helping you and bringing your vision to life is where I come to life. 

No matter what part of your journey you’re on in sharing truth or sharing your passion I believe it deserves to be good and beautiful.  

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