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What is Branding (for churches + ministries) + Grab the free brand guide


I approach branding for a church or ministry differently than I would a business because, well, it’s not a business. Every biblical church is a member of the larger body of Christ. Each with its own gifts, purpose, and God-given mission. I know the term branding can sound kind of yucky to a church or ministry but there’s a really good chance if your an established church that you already have a brand. It’s possible that your brand just hasn’t been made visible, or maybe what people see online or in print doesn’t quite match the feeling someone has when they come to your church or meeting. In this post, I’ll explain branding in a way that will help shed some light on the term and its relation to church or ministry and how to make it visible so you can reach this generation with the truth. 


SO, what is branding?  


Your brand is the overall feeling someone has when they come in contact with your church or ministry. Whether that contact looks like the greeter when they walk through your doors, a flyer for your latest event or post online inviting people to your mid-week bible study. To put in more bluntly…


“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”  – Jeff Bezos


With that said, take the time to listen.  What are people saying about your church? Does it line up with your vision or mission statement? If your answer is yes, fantastic! Now we need to make sure that the same quality, love, and message are communicated in your print and on your online platforms (web, social media, videos). This is your brand identity, the part of your brand people see. I give a good example of the importance of your visual identity in the church brand guide which you can download below.


Why does it matter? 


There are still so many lost people and so many great churches that are preaching the bible faithfully, loving their people and so much more (in other words they have a great brand) and yet very few people in their city even know they exist. If you want to reach the people you have to go where they are. Even when the end goal is face to face community the gateway in most situations is going to be online. 


According to the pew research center, 72% of the public uses some type of social media.


In order to be online, you should have to have a brand identity. One with quality, consistency and that matches your mission and vision. Your brand identity is at the forefront. It’s the first thing people see and so it should be taken seriously. Good design is no longer an option. People will see you online and have an immediate reaction. We want that reaction to reflect who you are as a church. We want them to feel a sense of the same warmth, love and care you give out on a Sunday morning and then exceed that when they walk through the doors. 


So let’s get started, shall we?